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Do you Know truck drivers have the greatest overall number of fatalities ?

Trucking is a High Risk Job

Pay $1 a day for $250,000 Life Insurance / Accidental Plan

1. Protects your families from any misshaping  accidental.. natural cause of death, it even covers living benefits for example in case of stroke, cancer etc the insurance company will pay the coverage amount percentage while the person is alive

2. Also available are the accidental disabilities plans, The coverage is to pay monthly expenses when person get injured

3. Starting premium as low as $30 monthly for $250000 coverage 

4. With or without Physical Exam

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DAT Load Boards

For Owner/Operators and Carriers – Find more loads from DAT: the largest load board with over 250,000 loads daily. Carriers who do not POST loads and do not go to Canada should select the following option. It is $34.95 a month for Trans-Alliance members.

“…Please click the below image and get your first 30 days FREE.”


For Brokers and Carriers – The company’s who post loads should select the following option. Starting at $99.00 a month.

Load Board 2