Repair & 24 hr Road Service

24 Hour Nationwide Road Service – call 844-698-1928

Bay Area California call (510)755-3492 – Heavy Duty Towing & Repair

Dhandwar Bros Towing is providing discounted rate services for all types of towing & repair services to Trans-Alliance carriers. They are specialized in Heavy duty, Dump Trucks, Trailers etc. You can call 24/7 at (510)755-3492 or (510)684-5838

Access to our Road Call program, which protects you against paying too much for your over-the-road tires

The Gold Program gives you access to our national accounts with most major tire brands, allowing you to purchase premium tires at national account pricing. Members save an average of $40 per tire with The Gold Program and enjoy these benefits:

Call (855)641-6955 to know more about the program

National Account Service Pricing

Service pricing guaranteed not to exceed our national account levels.

Consistent Nationwide Pricing

Pay the same low price whether you are buying over-the-road or at your local dealer.

No Bulk Purchases Necessary

Pay the same low price whether you buy one tire or one hundred tires.

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