Fuel Card

Over the Road (OTR) Fuel Card

RFID Compliance Fuel Cards, instant transaction reports. We offer Line of Credits up to $2500 per truck per week. Complete Control, Powerful Products, First class Services & Superior Savings – All in one card! Trans-Alliance, LLC partners with QuikQ and Fleet One. $1.00 transaction fees on fuel and maintenance purchases with OTR cards at over 99% of truck stops nationwide. 

If your business travels primarily long-haul, you can count on the Over The Road fuel card from Trans-Alliance to buy fuel and other products more efficiently, optimize your purchasing processes, and improve tracking and reporting, IFTA Reports, Driver purchase patters and much more… Apply Now

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The Fleet Card lets you limit what your drivers buy, where they buy it and how much they spend with company funds. Plus, get line-item transaction reporting and convenient online account management.


Whether you have one vehicle or a thousand, WEX Fleet One offers all-inclusive fleet solutions to meet your fleet needs including WEX Fuel Management, Factoring, Cash Services, Telematics, Tire Replacement, Permits and more!

Quick facts about the Fuel Card

  • Card acceptance at over 99% of truck stops, including every major chain.
  • FREE online account management lets you fine-tune your card settings, view transactions, pay your bill online and more!
  • Polished card controls and line-item detail on every transaction in real-time.
  • Credit Limits are available up to $100,000.00
  • Easy online payment structure
  • Credit on the weekends in case of emergencies
  • Cash advances – ATM Access
  • Reduce fraud, lost cash and unauthorized purchases